Commercial HVAC

Whether you’re a business owner needing repair work or a general contractor, custom builder or individual needing turnkey commercial repair and installation solutions, turn with confidence to Air-Tech Limited. Since 1999, we’ve been helping people like you solve problems, achieve goals, meet schedules and do what’s right for your buildings and your clients. We look forward to having you join our every-growing list of satisfied commercial clients.

Commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning present their own sets of problems and solutions. Our technicians specialize in solving the problems unique to every commercial application. We are dedicated to providing our commercial clients with the design and engineering expertise necessary for the complexities of their jobs. Whether diagnosing an issue or designing a system, we have the expertise to do what we need to do, even for our most demanding clients.

Reliable, worry-free comfort. We offer the industry’s most complete line of heating and cooling system components, all designed to work together to provide dependable comfort and energy savings. Most importantly, we understand what people like you want from an HVAC system: you want something that works right every time. Medicine Hat weather is unpredictable sometimes, and the right heating and air conditioning solution adapts as quickly as Alberta weather changes.

When everything works right with the HVAC system, that goes a long way toward complete satisfaction with the building. Why not contact us now to see how we can contribute to your comfort and success with our commercial HVAC services? It’s a smart decision you won’t regret. And there’s no reason to delay either. Waiting to contact us means longer until your problem is solved or your system is built to your specifications.